Amy Clinton Corbett

“Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… 

It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliot Erwitt

Hey!  So glad you are here!!   

About Amy

     I fall in love with possibility. I have big ideas and love to see them translated into images. You can definitely add photography to the list of things that I am passionate about. More than passion though, photography is my therapy. 

     When life feels like a bad sitcom stuck in a triage episode, my camera brings me back to center. Part of the attraction is the organic nature of the whole thing. It's an evolution or journey of sorts with lots of opportunities to learn new things.

       Sometimes I edit, sometimes I don't. I like to get it right in the camera. I like that challenge- of capturing the moment, a fleeting feeling- or idea- and presenting it in its raw form. I also enjoy learning and experimenting with new editing techniques... so it really just depends where the image takes me.

     What else?  I am a Midwest transplant addicted to North Carolina weather. I graduated from Purdue University in 1999, and will graduate from Purdue again in 2021 with a MA in Communication.  We moved here in 2007 and I still get homesick for the horizon and a freaking  breaded pork tenderloin sandwich (whhhhy don't they have them in the south??). I have three children who- I am proud to say- are spirited and kind and fun. 

     I'm a life learner, an explorer & a believer of fate. I love, love, love the beach, a good adventure, extreme weather, music & books. My favorite sport is politics and I prefer my coffee black (but I certainly won't complain if you are buying).

     If you are still reading- thanks for taking the time. Sincerely.  This is the hardest part of this endeavor and process.  Babbling about yourself in a way that is relatable and relevant and maybe interesting is hard.